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In my early twenties,  I was on a meteoric rise up the corporate ladder, initially on the graduate factory manager programme with Michelin Tyres, then in senior management roles with a marketing agency and a Nasdaq listed software company called OneSource.

Then I got sick. Really sick.

One night I found a huge lump the size of a grapefruit under my perineum.  I was only 26. It deeply shocked me out of my materialistic trance. I followed my intuition and ended up going to Canada to do a sweat lodge with a native Indian American shaman on his ancestral land (Jalbun Lodge) and I experienced Tibetan pulsing with his wife who had been a sanyas of Osho. Together with some surgery, I was able to make a full recovery. Having this experience opened me up to the unseen spirit world and how disease is actually an embodiment of a collection of personal, past life and ancestral imbalances.

After this initiatory healing experience, I left my job, went travelling around the world, learning Vipassana meditation in Buddhist temples in Thailand, Vietnam and Raj Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris in Australia.

It was when I lived in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney that I met an old man who owned a little 2nd hand bookshop, who sparked my interest in the miracles of embodiment, The Alexander Technique and then the transformational work of Fritz Perls ~ the founder of Gestalt Therapy. I knew I had found my path. In 2004 I returned from my travels and retrained for 3 years as a gestalt psychotherapist, with the London Gestalt Centre in Advanced Gestalt Group Theory and Practice then on a practitioner programme with the Centre for Humanistic Psychology.

During the 4th year of my psychotherapy apprenticeship, I saw that many of my core issues were not being addressed and many of my peers were failing to own or clear their deeper entrenched patterns, yet went on to work with clients. I wasn’t able to sweep these incongruences under the carpet and so I opted out even though I was coming towards the completion of my training.

Over the next 15 years I took various further trainings and courses to evolve my understanding and heal these hidden places. These include; Insight Seminars 1, 2, 3 & Relationships, the Alexander Technique, 6 x 10 day fasting courses, mindfulness & MBSR courses, Buddhist Vipassana retreats, family constellation trainings, Non-Violent Communication courses, Swedish massage diploma, Transformational (c) Breath, Awakening Your Light Body, ISTA and Transformations UK tantra training, body dearmouring, inner child, ancestral and past life healing during a 6 year mediumship training with Deep Soul Connection in Glastonbury and 3 years working intensively and meditating daily with Mas Sajady on his Healing Mastery and 21 day programmes.

In 2009, on a liver cleanse programme in Glastonbury, an awakening experience opened up a gift in me, which enabled me to see how the body records and stores not only all of our memories, but also our trauma from past lives as well as those of our ancestors. I discovered through breathwork and embodiment that as I infused my body with Source directly, I could access the frequencies of deeper patterns of dis-ease and clear them at the root.  Issues could be cleared much quicker than with conventional talking therapy alone and would be resolved permanently.

Having this awakening experience gave me the confidence to continue with the practice of connecting with and embodying Pure Source energy in combination with the tool kit I have accrued from my professional trainings, which helped me to heal myself of further debilitating diseases, including a crippling back injury, chronic bowel disease and severe depression.

I have not only regained full health throughout these challenges, but more crucially, I have learned to thrive. I have integrated this extensive knowledge gathered from 20 years of trainings alongside my own deep healing journey into an approach I call “Embodied Soul Awakening.”

I have also taught marketing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kgz4pRix2k) and emotional resilience to 1000s of people as well as working on government business programmes delivering courses to entrepreneurs from fast growth companies in the South West of England and taught Authentic Entrepreneuring at the School For Social Entrepreneurs and on the Exeter & Plymouth University MBA & Graduate programmes.

In my spare time, I love to mentor young people, travel, exercise, cook, do yoga, dance, spend time in nature and hang out with my two cats, Luke and Leiah.  

David Stone

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