DNA Healing – Accessing Your Blue Print & Embodying Your Divine Self

DNA Healing – Accessing Your Blue Print & Embodying Your Divine Self

The divine is not some exterior force. It is deep within you in your bones and the miracle of your body. It is right there in your darkest dark as much as in the heavens. Perhaps more so.

Our base, impulsive and animalistic drives resonate at the frequency of nature and the Animal Kingdom which is literally the god force within you.

This is why I love embodiment so much as the foundation of my practice as I literally focus on my body as the divine. Being in my body feels like a spiritual practice in and of itself and strengthens my own sovereign connection to Source.
Observing where my base drives have become blocked is often the key to accessing profound and rapid healing both for myself and my clients.

Freud called it “libidinal” energy and Reich, his disciple took it out of the realm of the intellect and into the next level with his body of work known as Orgone therapy.

It was known to cure most diseases including cancer but he was thrown in prison where he died of a heart attack before he could spread this knowledge, such was the level of suppression at the time.

Many of our hardest to reach wounds are connected to our sex, our base drives such as grief and rage, as well as our other primal emotions and our sense of belonging and of course self esteem.

And like Reich, we literally throw them into the prison of our unconscious as part of our coping mechanism. Many of us are literally born into these patterns of wounding and experience them as sheaths overlaying our sense of self.

Ironically, these social restraints still remain firmly anchored into our DNA, even when we swop our old religion for a new age spiritual practice, healing modality or belief.

When I discovered that some of these wounds can actually be from imprints and templates that originate from our family or religious lineage or a set of past lives it helped me clarify that the narrative I was running about this pain wasn’t ever going to heal it!

This is because, more often than not, we are not pulling the root from it’s true origin and so when we pluck at it, like bindweed, we pull the flower / shoot but leave the roots in the ground of our unconscious.

Although you may have experienced early life conditioning and traumas connected to these wounds and have cleared that in therapy, quite often they still linger because they go far deeper.

Therefore no amount of focussing on the emotionality or the narrative can actually clear a wound without tapping into the quantum field at the same time. Otherwise you hit a ceiling that can’t be passed.

Yet it becomes an addiction of the pain body to keep going round and round searching for more and more “healing” nourishment for this pain through sharing and catharting it which only ends up feeding and strengthening the enmeshment that keeps it in place.

As a result a glass ceiling is formed which ironically creates a forcefield that  blocks out the basic truth that your body is only an extension of your quantum blue print.

Many spiritual practices incorrectly focus on accessing your soul’s healing powers which unfortunately only tends to reinforce the wounds back into the body because they need to be cleared at the highest level of your blueprint.

The blue print aspect of healing tends to be mostly overlooked. This is because it is not very well understood and there’s a lot of flaky woo woo b.s. out there too which the ego can grab onto in order to discredit.

Healing yourself at your blueprint level catslyses a healing at your emotional, psychological and in some cases even physical levels. As a result, it signals the death knell for the egoic painbody which for the most part has been running the show and for many people, it is the guardian of the spiritual quest to heal oneself and thus subtly keeps you locked into an eternal loop in order to maintain its control.

There’s  a tendency amongst us humans to disconnect from this soul wrenching pain and separate it out from the physical and thus become disassociated whilst  proclaiming to have found our divinity.

It’s possibly the biggest ego trap in the new age as it is the most seductive.

I  fell into this trap for many years.

Focussing on the divine as being higher than the base and unwanted aspects of myself was a convenient way to bypass aspects of myself that were too painful to face.

As part of my embodiment practice I’ve come to see exactly how this spiritual ego trick creates “go-arounds” for deeper wounds of rejection, inadequacy, abandonment, neglect, violation and shame which sit in the body and surrounding subtler field creating a nasty stench.

I’ve experienced the majority of spiritual meditations and methods  take me out of my body to connect to the divine which leaves me further away from my actual Source essence and lifts me above these wounds without addressing and removing them at the DNA level so they remain in my field taking up unnecessary space and limiting my full potential from entering me.

It’s like painting over mould with gold. It will simply stink under the shine.

Spiritual ego loves to dress up as the soul. But it comes at the expense of doing the deeper work and removing the really painful and dark stuff in your DNA 🧬

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The Silent Roar

The Silent Roar

A 3 Month Men’s Training


Dear Men


Have you lost your roar?


Or do you find yourself shamed when you express your needs, desires or boundaries and wish you hadn’t bothered?


Or perhaps it’s still in tact, but you just have never had the space, the support and permission to really claim your full roar and be witnessed in this authentic power so that you can live your life with your roar permeating EVERYTHING you do?


Are you the master of your own destiny? Or do people disrespect you, causing you to build up a wellspring of anger and frustration?


Perhaps you simmer quietly, soothing yourself instead with success, wealth accumulation, hobbies that help you disassociate from conflict without resolution or maybe more actively such as using pornography, scrolling through social media, drinking too much alcohol to self soothe or neglecting your body with crap food and a lack of exercise?


Do you find yourself unable or limited in knowing how to express your hurt, your irritation, your passion, your limits and your needs in intimacy and close relationships?


Are you struggling with intimacy with your woman (or man), your direction in life, your ability to make a go of your calling?


If you keep recreating the same repeating patterns over and over again and you are sick to death of your limitations in spite of your best attempts to help yourself and you answered yes to some of the questions above then “The Silent Roar” 12  week online men’s training is ideal for you.


This online course will help you to understand the root origins of your issues, and will support you to take full responsibilty for your life.


We will utilise a mixture of kick ass DNA clearing techniques, potent embodiment meditations that reconnect you to source, masculine and feminine polarity teachings, accountability circles that get you to see experientially where you are off course and open view sessions in front of one another, to address what is going on so we get you harnessing the primordial power of your silent roar.


The 12 week online course will take place from 23rd January 2022 to April 10th 2022 and will include:


@ 6 fortnightly x  3 hour group zoom meetings 23/1 13/2 27/2 13/3 27/3 10/4 which include a group embodiment, checkin and a laser session with each man.


@ 6 x 30 minute 1 on 1 sessions to be used during the 12 weeks with myself


@ 2 weekly x 22 minute embodiment meditations (24 in total)


@ A private telegram group to share in


@ Recordings of all sessions


@ 4 Foundational Seminars on The Inner Child, The Polarity of The Masculine, The Polarity of The Feminine, Inner Union


@ Discounts off further 1-2-1 sessions


 Themes we will cover:


Man’s lost roar |  Embodying |  Higher Self Locationality |  Inner Child Awareness  |  Sexual Healing  |  Masculine Polarity |  Emasculation & The New Age  |  Shame  | Devotional Leadership |  Purpose  |  The Silent Roar


Contact me here or at info@embodiedsoulawakening.com now to schedule a 20 minute no obligation free call to find out more

The Cauldron of Love

The Cauldron of Love

The Cauldron of Love

As the world enters the twilight zone of its current reality, there has never been a richer, more extraordinary transformative time than this precious MOMENT.

This NOW is the most opportune time we have ever known on this planet to transmute the darkest remnants of personal karma, ancestral distortion, limitation, lack, poverty, discord and dis-ease into an embodied awakening so that the highest expression of who you truly are can emerge.

The old reality, that underpinned who you believed yourself to be, has been founded upon lack, sacrifice, control, fear and suffering.

As it collapses, we are witnessing the death rattle of everything that you have used to identify yourself by externally, so many are experiencing states of anxiety, loss, devastation, depression, confusion, emptiness, exhaustion as these old aspects of us tied into the old matrix die off.

We are entering a sacred death space where a profound inner alchemy can unfold.

This is why we are seeing so much upheaval.

This is why chaos, confusion and destruction reign everywhere.

This is why there is so much deceit coming out into the open.

This is why the dark forces that have siphoned off the life force of humanity are coming out into the open as their contortions of truth can no longer be hidden in the old density.

The light is too strong. However it is also unfamiliar as we are so used to ‘love’n’light’ saccharin sweetness and this frequency of truth is far more fierce and uncompromising than the dross we have been primed to expect from the New Age coolaid.

Wave upon wave of high frequency light is bombarding the planet from the central sun.

This is a galactic phenomenon and is shifting the entire universe to shed what is no longer true.

Those dark forces hellbent on controlling this planet have always been hungry for absolute control and dominion.

Only now, as their roots weaken and are cast out to the surface, as their power diminishes and the light increases, the opportunity to look into the rising darkness you see reflected outside of you can be utilised to illuminate all of those inner places that have remained disempowered and in hiding. It is time to face up to all your blindspots where your shadows, epecially in your relationships, or in your inability to step into your true power, purpose and grace have remained crushed, shamed or shunned.

In fact, all the places where you feel disempowered and in denial of your true radiance as an infinite being of boundless light are ripe for exposure.

Some are navigating these waves and riding them out to capitalise on the new opportunities that are emerging, whereas other people are struggling, getting dunked underneath, sometimes getting dragged down under waves of shame, trauma and despair.

It is now more important than ever to learn to locate yourself physically here in this body, in time and space as the quantum field of this old reality collapses and breaks apart and the new earth realities start to form.

This is your chance to be at the forefront of this wave as an empowered co-creator, riding the crest of these waves of light.

This 6 week immersion is designed to help you remain steadfast throughout this process, bringing succour to the deepest aspects of you, so that you can take advantage of the potent opportunities that will continue to disrupt all the old ways of being and living until they become obsolete.

  • There will be 3 group embodiment activation meditations per week, each 22 minutes in duration – 18 in total over the 6 weeks. These can be attended live with recordings sent out in addition so you can continue to benefit at your own leisure.
  • There will be 3 x 2.5 hour fortnightly group sessions where meet together on Zoom. Each fortnightly group session will amplify the power of working in a group format in person, to include an embodiment activation session for the group, topical issues discussed, and laser sessions where I will work with one or more of the group for 20 minutes each while the rest of the group holds space as the witness, as we learn and heal together to shift the frequencies in all of us, held by the person in the centre. This will also be a great training opportunity for those more advanced in the work who have had 1-2-1 sessions with me before.
  • There will be 2 x personal one to one 30 minute illumination sessions with me privately outside of group time to ensure you are maintaining your alignment during the 6 weeks.

The Cauldron of Love is place of no escape! Many of the ways you may have avoided yourself will emerge and become extremely uncomfortable and some of the strategies you have used to cover over these distortions may become exposed or no longer work for you.

We will offer a group FB space for you to resource yourself, experiment with new habits and let go of the old.

It is therefore suggested that you only embark on this course if you are truly ready for change and are willing to take full personal responsibility for what comes up in your process.

We will not be dancing on the ceiling, blasting you out your body to visit other galaxies to bypass the pain and paper over the cracks and other spiritual disembodiment techniques etc.

We will be sitting in the mud, gently connecting to the earth, and her profound healing while also connecting with the infinite spark of your higher self to break down the filters, distortions and imbalances that you are ready to confront that prevent you from awakening.

The course will provide a space for you to explore and clear those old places where you hold ancestral energies and attachments, filters, secondary selves, poverty consciousness and relationship distortions and traumas that may have been actively affecting you in your life, but you have never been able to quite shift.

We will work with shame and how it is the one of the biggest barriers to letting this shit go!

 The 6 week immersion costs £299 / $430 in total and there will be a maximum of 20 spaces available.

The course starts on August 22nd

Logistics tbc shortly of 18 live embodiment activations and 3 group sessions.



Your vulnerability will open you up.

However the ego often closes down around your vulnerability because in the past, your undefended openness may have become fused with  humiliation, rebuke, abuse, dismissal, abandonment, rejection, and shame. The list goes on.

Vulnerability is our natural state. With healthy environmental support we can maintain a flexible relationship to our core selves and learn strong boundaries to harmonise with goodness and to protect ourselves from harm.

However when our (early) environments don’t provide this option; our discernment and our ability to develop healthy boundaries don’t form properly and our vulnerability tends to become hardwired with unprocessed pain which in turn magnetises similar destructive circumstances.

It’s likely you chose to cut yourself off from the pain of it all, because the shock, hurt and betrayal of your earlier experiences overpowered you and meant that the only option to cope was to shut down and cover it over.

Thus when life presents you with an opportunity to SAFELY feel your past trauma and unpack it so it stops repeating…you can’t 😢

It likely that you can’t melt into your vulnerability safely because of these unfortunate associations.

As a result feelings of emptyness, aloneness, sadness, numbness, listlessness, anxiety, addiction, vengeance or even endless ruminating can take over.

All of these states are a CONSEQUENCE of disassociating from your root experiences and programmes.

They signify that you are not fully inhabiting your body, heart and soul, with all of your feelings, energetic states and presence as to do so would open you up to the original patterning which you’ve protected yourself from repeating by staying shut down or masking over.

Sometimes this predates our conscious ability to remember, either in early life, past lives or even remote ancestral memories, which makes it all the more confusing.

However, as annoying as these states are to our ego’s sense of functioning, they are the breadcrumbs that lead us back to the origins of our suffering and into wellbeing and aliveness.

My Dad used to say, “we are like a car that comes without a manual.” We are born without the instructions on how to ‘repair’ and ‘maintain’ ourselves, especially our psyches, which are at the heart of most of our physical, mental and emotional ailments.

This tendency to keep on driving well beyond the need for a spiritual M.O.T is at the core of our sense of alienation from ourselves.

Self-neglect is at the heart of these avoidance behaviours. Many of us learnt to self-neglect as our coping mechanism to cover over our hurting vulnerability.

We created new habits to reinforce our sense of self through invisible signals implicitly woven in to our family dynamics, culture, social, spiritual and political norms.

“be positive, don’t cry, be love and light, toughen up, drink this shot, let’s get drunk, man up, boys don’t cry, don’t be a sissy, get your big girl’s knickers on, go get laid”

These are just the tip of the iceberg in how society encourages you to toughen up, adopt the hero(ine) archetype and be strong without taking into hand and transforming your more fragile/painful states, which ironically contain all the keys to your more enduring wholeness, vitality, endurance and potency.

It follows then, that our task in this life time, is to get under the bonnet of our psyches and delve into our misfiring psychic engines.

Instead of plastering on a new chassis to cover over our tired pistons, rusty bodywork, rotten suspension and the likes, it would make more sense to undergo a deeper ‘service’ than to enhance the external appearance of our vehicles.

But how often do we succumb to the seductions of these ego traps ?

Our egos are such cunning creatures that without even realizing it, they instead coax us into masking our flaws, and avoiding at all costs addressing and removing those aspects of us that are simply flawed or endangering our wellbeing.

So rather than risk stripping down our engines and removing failing parts, I have noticed that there is a mechanism within us all that stops us from truly embracing this process and making those ESSENTIAL STRUCTURAL changes.

When we slow down sufficiently, and re-embody, becoming more aware of all that we are feeling in our bodies and fields, in this present moment, we can start to experience the wellbeing that goes beyond ego gratification and identify what is in the way to experiencing this as our natural felt state.

This can enable us to get to THE CORE, opening up the traumas, patterns of relating, and energetic frequencies that underpin most symptoms.

It is like finally getting that SERVICE that actually addresses those banging noises and bumping sensations that you had learnt to ignore and drive another 10,000 miles regardless.

We literally need to relearn the ability to relate to all of these hidden parts of ourselves and come back into wholeness through self-awareness and embodying a field of resonant high frequency presence to bring these dissonant aspects of ourselves back into the light.

Doing From Being

Doing From Being

Does your ‘doing’ tend to come from a busy mind, needing to occupy itself with externalised images of unattainable perfection and endless goals that fail to satisfy a relentless striving? 

I was once like this.

In spite of your spiritual practices; fitness, healthy diet or yoga routines, do you still experience life stripping your nervous system of peace and depleting your body of resources, no matter how amazing the outcomes or how much rest, treats or trappings of luxury you accrue? 

Is enough ever enough?

Have you ever noticed that in those precious and rare moments when your ‘doing’ comes from your very ‘beingness’ that you are sustained and satiated regardless of outcomes, and that the pleasure in “just being” leads to prodigious productivity and outcomes that bless you beyond your dreams? 

This is how I now choose to design my life and inspire others.

As I have gradually learnt to merge my body into my higher self since my awakening 11 years ago, I have found this way of embodying, far outweighs any outcome, striving and stress orietated approaches I have previously used to succeed or improve upon myself in the past.

I find that I am now able to relax deeper and deeper in to my body, regardless of external circumstances, sitting with the uncertainty of not knowing outcomes, whilst quietly observing the remnants of old programmes of self doubt and fear falling away one by one until they no longer pull on me and suck me into their bottomless pit of depletion and distraction. 

I can now stay with feelings of brokenness, fear, agitation and chaos, until a clarity, a sense of knowing, a purposefulness and a firm direction emerges from within. 

Out of this embodied presence, and through the simplicity of my very beingness, rises an unshakeable knowing…

This simple truth brings a far reaching joy and delight – from which moments of profound and enduring clarity guide my life – 

My well being now bubbles over from within as I tap into this infinite power source – it has led to improved health, relationships that flourish and an increasing flow of abundance because these resonances I cultivate are the right energetic match – magnetising those things I desire by the potency of the innate ‘beingness’ radiating from within me.

It is this authentic self alignment to my deepest truth that is setting me free.

As I surrender to each moment and embody deeply into it, resisting temptations to jump outside of myself, I notice doorways open…effortlessly creating divine flow. 

By simply being…by remaining present …by being the guardian of my innocence…I have built trust in my knowing.

This hasn’t always been easy as I’ve had to clear out the old programmes and cultivate the discipline and will power to stay within myself, until I have begun to become at One with this inner impulse of creation. 

This way of being leads towards an atOnement for all previous creations – it has a catalytic effect on the cellular DNA 🧬 which start to unfold and clear out past debris that no longer reflects the new frequencies I’m cultivating and inhabiting.

As the Universe responds to me, I now take clear action and deep satisfaction emerges in this way, so my ‘busyness’ now deeply nurtures and enhances me instead of depleting and destroying me.

As I move forwards, sometimes in complete faith with no understanding of why I am doing something, I have come into a congruent alignment with my sense of purpose. 

Do you have the tenacity of staying power, right application of will, patience, strength and stillness to hold firm to the truest expression of your higher self’s embodying as “you” in physical form?

For it is in connecting with your essence Self and becoming so at one with it, that sets you free from your conditioned ego reflex to relentlessly seek external things to satisfy the next emerging desire.  

It is this disciplined process of embodied becoming which enables you to emerge like the snake from your egoic prison. As you shed your old skin, you will be reborn anew, free to be, whole and complete in yourself.

Are you ready to join me and a group practice to make the leap?

I have a 7 day introductory course – DNA SHIFT 🧬 & RESET  to assist you to build this potency and momentum during these sacred times – please get in touch if you’re interested to purchase it

~ Embodied Inner Union ~ Coming Back Home To Yourself

~ Embodied Inner Union ~ Coming Back Home To Yourself

~ Embodied Inner Union ~ Coming Back Home To Yourself ~ An evening workshop from 18:00-21:00 PST on Tuesday, 12 November 2019

How often have you felt you’ve encountered your soul mate only to discover those hardwired patterns from the past playing out through you, your lover and the relationship?

No matter how many courses you’ve attended, do you find those persistent dynamics end up consuming you in ‘ohhh’ so familiar ways?

Perhaps you’ve already shut down your pain because it hurts too much to hold on to your desire for ‘The One’ or you’ve found yourself settling for someone safe but deadening.

Other signs you’ve disconnected from your higher self can be settling for platonic friendships that leave you yearning, attending intimacy & neo tantra workshops for that dopamine ‘high’, getting lost in unboundaried polyamory or seeking hook ups on Tinder to satisfy your lust in the hope that it does the trick… kinda…sorta…NOT.

The thing is deep down there’s no denying how you really feel in the depths of your soul.

Not being true to yourself is a learnt pattern of survival almost universal to mankind. Sexualising your needs at the expense of your inner connection to your body, heart and soul are actually survival mechanisms that eventually distance us further from our Higher Self and the profound reverence we all secretly desire to feel when we connect with this aspect of ourselves and another in sexual union.

The simple truth is that when we overcome our wounds, patterns and ancestral imprints, we can rest in our bodies. As we learn to be in our bodies, we can embody our own inner union which acts as the catalyst to really meet another in sacred union.

First we must learn to embody our own inner union by connecting in with our felt senses, our body and our Higher Self, so that we can create a safe container in which to develop an enduring and sacred sexual intimacy with another.

When you put connecting with someone before connecting with yourself, its like trying to run a gasoline car on diesel. You will damage your engine.

In this experiential workshop you will not only learn how to connect more deeply with your body and field, but you will also learn how to connect with Source on an entirely new level so that you can tap into your innate wholeness and catalyse your potential for profoundly enriching intimacy.

Through Embodied Soul Awakening meditations, many clients not only begin to reclaim their life, their self-respect, their boundaries, their health and their mojo, but they also start to awaken a felt sense of being in union with Source as their Higher Self draws in and around them.

As you embody in this way, a relaxing into your natural masculine or feminine polarity unfolds, as your ancestral imprints and templates fade away. David will share how you too can begin to access this union through Embodied Soul Awakening meditations and exercises.

The embodiment meditation will be recorded during the evening so that you can take them away to continue to practice after the workshop.

During this workshop you are also likely to receive deep cellular healing on many levels through the activation of the group field during meditations, partner exercises and individual 1-2-1 time. Old traumas and wounds you thought you’d cleared or were not even aware of may surface for release after the workshop so please ensure you come free of drugs and alcohol and advise David beforehand if you are on any medications.

David Stone has been pioneering Embodied Soul Awakening since 2007, following an awakening experience. He noticed the vast majority of healing modalities and spiritual paths didn’t support him to anchor this sense of vast connection with Source into his body and all the ancestral distortions that it brought to the surface for resolution. He found that no one was able to guide him until he accidentally discovered how connecting with Source through the quantum field and bringing it into the body enabled him to heal his health issues, traumas and family patterns at a cellular level. He now shares this embodiment practice to empower others to heal themselves, of their issues at the roots so that they can enjoy their bodies and live healthy thriving lives.

Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019 from 18:00-21:00 PST

Venue: 251 Seeman Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024-2839, United States

Places are limited to 16.
Price: $33 in advance and $40 on the door.
Book early to avoid disappointment.
Arrival 5.45pm for a 6pm start
To reserve your place booking in advance is recommended by sending $33 to paypal using david@embodiedsoulawakening.com for payment

For more information: www.embodiedsoulawakening.com/

Client Testimonials:
“I have had two sessions so far with David and will certainly work with him again. I’ve experienced many healing modalities and therapists and he stands out as a facilitator who works more deeply and expansively than others. His intuition, grounded and compassionate space-holding, and razor-sharp insight have helped me to move through and release difficult emotions and experiences as well as to come more fully into my body with grace, self-appreciation and gratitude. His support has been invaluable.” Khalsa Morgan Nichols, Author & Menstruality Mentor

“I can not recommend David enough. His work is incredible as he teaches you to find your healing within. No spirit guides, no magic, just simply embodying your own presence” Alison Martin, Shamanic HealerSee less

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