Cometh The Boy Arriveth The Man, Cometh The Girl, Arriveth The Woman

When you resuscitate your inner child and clear out your body and field of trauma, old pain, karma and ancestral debris, something magical happens…

You start to experience a fully embodied experience of gradually awakening and housing your higher self within your flesh and bones.

As you learn to witness and hold within you, the illumination of your compassionate presence in those nooks and crannies that have rarely seen the light of day, you create the impotus to bust OPEN the identity of your painbody and LIBERATE those locked down places that have literally imprisoned you for life times acting out the same old loops.

Spanning down your blood line and threading through former lives, the momentum of these downward spiralling forces may have gradually silted up your subtle senses with the density of your own and your ancestor’s bad habits and unfinished issues. These legacies become hardwired into your DNA and form the basis of a lot of your physical and personal identity.

However, these distortions, whilst feeling as if they are ‘you’, become fused into your sense of self, drowning out the light that shines down from your Higher Self. Unfortunately this momentum not only programmes you with your families’ miasms but also ends up damaging your ability to reset your DNA after each incarnation. Failure to upload the successful resolution of a life’s challenges interrupts the next generation being able to evolve as they inherit the legacy of unsolved events, often without even realising, falling victim to misfortunes that drop from the sky at random or literally swallow you up until you drown.

Sadly for most humans we start brightly but soon become entangled with our karmic and family’s unresolved issues which program us at these older frequencies so we end up running the same inevitable patterns, yet with the added intensity of the momentum of a boulder running down hill. These frequencies invisibly broadcast out to the universe, regardless of our best efforts, and prevent us from receiving the light of our Higher Self. Instead we usually end up calcifying and hardening into the patterns which have governed all those that came before us.

In the lower astral realms, it is here where your forebears remain stuck, unable to ascend, living vicariously off your life force which fuels their existence in the no man’s land of the astral. Many remain lost in the delusion of their own unsolved dilemmas. They inevitably cling to you, sometimes even wrapping around your body, mistaking it for the light or heaven, and their imprints merge with yours, forging your characteristics and life events. It is no surprise then, that most people end up living out many of their ancestors’ patterns of relating, eating, intimacy and even end up dieing of the same diseases in old age.

However, if you are able to learn the reclamation process of connecting with Pure Source and bringing this clarifying frequency into all the places where you are held hostage to the trance of your conditioning, you can break free of these fetters and set yourself free.  

If you remain still and learn the discipline of coming back into the moment where you breathe into your body, with the intent to meet with your Higher Self and draw in this purifying frequency into your flesh and bones, you can receive a regenerative boost.

As you learn to marinade and bathe in the life giving waters of Pure Source, you may even start to notice all the ways you have been compromised, all the dysfunctional coping mechanisms you’ve been conditioned with, all the trauma induced split identities you’ve churned yourself up with and all the social masks you’ve worn to survive, that have ended up compromising your life force. Each one may have weighed heavily upon you, colluding with your pain body, to entice you into developing payoffs and gains to buy into these distortions and mistake them as yourself, further entrenching you into an endless karmic soup.

As you make connecting in with your Higher Self and communing with Pure Source your daily practice, rather than your familiar habits, perceptions and programming, you can not only dismantle many of these distortions but literally reprogramme your DNA and even reverse the aging process with enough practice.

The electromagnetic charge of your diseases, deficiencies and downfalls gradually becomes disconnected and becomes neutralised by the surging aliveness of Source which purifies the way forwards for your Higher Self to move in around you. As you build momentum through undoing many of these old ways, you start to find the resources, help and life path to best serve your blossoming.

All the distorted ways you’ve been living out, start to wilt and die off along with the habits, relationships and dynamics that underpinned them.

As these blinkers come off, you may at first be startled by the astonishingly unpleasant ways you’ve been played, harvested and downtrodden. Your Higher Self abhors lack, disease and disunity and sets about agitating you to address, resolve and clear all the blockages that remain in the way of your self actualisation.

Your increasing embodied presence, sensitivity and ability to respond in the moment to stimuli, without the ancestral blinkers, enables you to release victim trances, down tools of any pernicious habits, abusive self care routines, toxic relationship dynamics and questionable spiritual practices.

You are literally forced by your Higher Self, once it has been activated to get super real with yourself and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL THE WAYS YOU ARE IN LACK. 

Something magical starts to happen at this point WHEN YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE IN THIS WAY.

Your Higher Self peaks through the curtain of your consciousness to let you know it’s presence, and starts to bless you.

This can either be through a sudden awakening, a shock that shakes you up, a total dislike for all that surrounds you, a malaise about your current situation and for the fortuitous, a natural progressive resolution of diseases and increase in wellbeing and abundance.

One thing is for sure…you will receive a huge surge of energy as your Higher Self gives you that kick up the back side and the where with all to make those changes that will yield changes beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

Your Higher Self guides you to move away from co-dependent or one way connections that ultimately siphon your energy or cause you to stagnate.

Your life will most likely shift in some way, if not turn on its head as all the false aspects of you become agitated and start to loosen and fall off.

As you start to show up fully for yourself in this way, the drama peels away, and your façades drop too revealing the shining brilliance of the REAL you.

If you’d like to experience how to work with and scan your body and quantum field for these old traumas and patterns of relating that are sabotaging your life, relationships, success and wellbeing, I’m offering free 20 minute tasters in October.

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