So each time you are triggered and you act out or you react or harm another or yourself or disassociate through spirituality or self soothe through distractions or addictions to desensitise yourself or reach for a dopamine hit on FB when you know you shouldn’t – you are in actual fact making a very real choice on a subliminal level. 

It’s not a choice we are aware of when we are in the heat of the habit, because it’s become so “us” we believe it’s actually our truest expression of ourselves when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are choosing the identity we’ve created that is enmeshed in separation – that somehow – we are our wound and we are intrinsically separate or split off from our Source when we choose to embody this wounded self image or imprint…that is not essentially us.

As you notice your fetters and explore what’s underneath those things that bind you to limiting yourself – you create a distinction that enables you to open up gateways of energy for healing, separation from what is no longer your frequency and authentic connection within yourself, others and the universe.

You reclaim your ability to choose.

You literally set yourself free.

At this stage, be sure to be very discerning in who or what you “call in” as there are many many seductive forces that would promise your the world in exchange for a spark of your awakening Soul.

Know that you are a pure spark of light at your very Source, and no matter what has become layered over you – and how convincing this mask has become and no matter how stuck it is or how elusive the patterning appears, you are intrinsically good.

Every single human being is born with a map to find their way home no matter what they have endured or what regrets weigh upon them. Once this process has been initiated, this sacred intelligence will burn the house down if it has to in order show you the true essence of goodness that you are, and that no source outside of yourself can ever replace your Higher Self.

David Stone

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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