Relationships dominate every single aspect of our lives. Within any ecosystem, everything is in relationship with something else. Humans are no different. We are interdependent with one another and our environment. This is the nature of our universe.

Even though we are biologically programmed to look for the ‘ONE’ and to procreate, the one common denominator, in every single relationship you have ever had or ever will have is YOU. This person in the mirror who stares back at you is the one constant in every relationship.

Although research shows that many of our personal boundaries, attachment intimacy and love patterns are imbued through early childhood conditioning and formative life experiences, there still remains a gap in our understanding of the deeper underlieing ‘frequencies’ that govern the majority of our relationships. Modern psychology and New Age modalities are making great progress in their understanding of healing trauma, PTSD and disentangling negative experiences that can affect a person’s ability to relate.

However, both of these approaches underestimate the true origins of dysfunction which govern the deeper patterning or frequencies which programme a person’s way of relating to others, a lover, money, health, career and happiness beyond their conscious level of awareness.

The majority of the outcomes generated through our relationships to these areas can be traced back, not only to our formative relationships and life experiences but also to our time in vitro, our parental patterns, past lives, the way we died and in some cases, the momentum of unresolved ancestral life experiences. These all leave a marker or a stamp on our timelines which act as a repeat mechanism, until we track it and clear it.

You could compare your own personal experiences in life to the ‘apps’ on a modern mobile phone and your inherited dynamics to the operating system that runs behind it. We can take a course, see a psychotherapist and address some of our issues, in the same way we can delete an app and download a new one. However, to fully address an issue that is being affected by the ‘operating system’ requires you to rewrite the code of your relationship programming at the level of the operating system itself.

Intimate Relationship coaching sessions can assist you to clear persistent patterns such as attracting narcissistic lovers, addiction, weak boundaries, self-abusive tendencies and self limiting beliefs by addressing them at the core programming level. Through igniting the innate power of your higher self and accessing your deeper relationship frequencies, you can clear out unfinished business and distorted patterning, whether early life, parental or ancestral and catalyse your highest potentials into physical reality.

As you learn to inhabit your body from moment to moment through clearing out old psychic debris, you will start to draw the presence of your higher self into your life. Many of your patterns, that were chosen beyond your level of awareness, come sharply into focus. These unseen habits of relating will have formed part of your identity without your conscious choice.

As the blinkers come off, the addictions, abusive tendencies and poor choices start to drop away, leaving you open to seeing the consequences of the part you have played. As you confirm the endings to these relational habits, by setting boundaries, walking away or just no longer playing your part, you get to reclaim your power of sovereign choice and a whole new vista of opportunity, opens up before you.

The more you strengthen yourself in this way, deepening your presence in your body, the more the magnificence of your higher self can enter your life, and draws those things, people and resources to you with ease, grace and flow.

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