Having become rather ‘lost’ in life I had reached a point where I was in need of guidance…I had pondered over the idea of counselling but didn’t like the concept of handing my mind over to someone as it were!

Somehow I found David as I was touched by his deep and truthful writings so it wasn’t long before I found myself sat in front of him on a video call! It was again then that I experienced a full on oneness, before even a word was spoken. Just this man’s presence, his gaze affirmed to me who I truly was. He needn’t have said or done anything as his silent mind and pure heart connected deep within me filling every cell with unconditional love.

I now realise in that moment I experienced Satori (flash of enlightenment) which affirmed to me that the mind in its natural state of consciousness does not even exist as we know it. Since we met I have been aware of how to connect with my true masculine being with ease, and it continues to this day and grows stronger with in me. I recommend connecting with David to anyone seeking the truth as to who we really are as men and why we are here.

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