Event – Trigger – Pain – Adjustment – Desensitisation – Habitualisation

Behind each trigger lurks an ‘old shipwrecked feeling’ that has become an island to itself, denied, buried and covered in barnacles.

Chances are that you have more than likely formed habitual desensitisation (numbing) or hyperstimulation (over excitement) towards it, in order NOT to feel it and the gold contained within this buried treasure trove in the depths of your psyche;

In essence, you have, in all probability, created a bypass (addiction or spiritual practice!) – a go-around – a self soothing technique – a silo or man-made reservoir so to speak, to disconnect the synapses of your cognition from the original experience in order to distance yourself from such a potentially annihilating experience.

Such incidents would have severely disrupted your tender body-ego-mind from forming a STABLE sense of GROUND, within which to create and recognise your sense of SELF in your delicate forming psyche.

However, in forming these partitions, to protect yourself, you layer over your delicate psyche with distorted filters which remove you from the full flow of Source flowing within you.

The perpetuation of this bypassing forms deep grooves, which blinker you to the full reality in which you live. As you recover and desire to address these blind spots, it is just as common in alternative spirituality as it is in mainstream coping methods to make the same error.

Whether you are using cigarettes or the latest crystals or yoga pose, chances are your PAINBODY has surreptitiously co-opted you into thinking that your latest adjustment has magically absolved you of your original deficit or trauma.

Sadly, addressing the pain body, the addictions, distortions and painful cycles it clings to, is a process that none of these attempts actually address.

The majority of techniques, seem to unconsciously re-enforce the original adjustments in order to prevent you from feeling your sense of desolation from the IMPACT of the original incident.

This is all the more difficult to delve into because to the well adjusted ego of an adult mind, the fall out of the original incident now appears minimal even risible.

BECAUSE to experience these original feelings can result in severe ego disintegration if not carefully managed.

Therefore, in order to protect your fragile and sensitive psyche and sense of self, your PAIN BODY, creates adjustments, or indeed a subpersonality to keep you from experiencing this original rupture or injury to the CORE SELF.

This ADJUSTMENT may have originally been a great coping mechanism to a glaring parenting deficit, a shock, a trauma or just something that was discretely passed down without your wherewithal.

It subsequently became an automated part of your character formation and enmeshed into your limbic and proprioceptive nervous system, which automates as much of your daily activities for efficiencies sake so you don’t keep having to learn how to brush your teeth 😉 as well as regulating your emotions.

So, its actually not your FAULT that you act out on your adjustments as HABITS. It’s rather a fascinating hand-me-down or indeed a design fault which we must learn to work with and master.

Cultivating your moment to moment embodied AWARENESS is a potent way that you can start to realise that you NOW have a choice in that split second between stimulus and response.

Secondly, being authentic and real can enable you to break down the masks you have constructed to save ‘face’ and thus enable you to receive the support you truely need…

So it starts here…noticing and feeling and being real and finding safe spaces, people and places in which to feel the original feelings and release them AND THE PATTERNS THAT HAVE BECOME EMBEDDED AROUND THEM.

So each time you are triggered and you act out or you react or you self soothe through distractions or addictions to desensitise yourself or reach for a dopamine hit -you are in actual fact making a choice on a very subliminal level.

As you notice your fetters and explore what’s underneath those things that bind you to limiting yourself – you open up gateways of energy for authentic connection, sharing and healing both within yourself, others and the universe.

You literally set yourself on a path of self liberation

David Stone – soul embodiment, past life, ancestral and trauma time line clearing


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