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This statement signals The End to perpetuating Victim Consciousness

Notice your life patterns

How do they serve you?

What are the payoffs?

Are they ultimately dissatisfying? Yet addictively so?

Yet How do these payoffs serve you?

What negative beliefs or self sabotage patterns do these payoffs re-enforce/underpin?

How do you lose out? I.e. Who would you be without these payoffs?

Why Do We Keep on Keeping On Those Negative Habits Regardless Of The Healing Work?

If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably because it isn’t…..
Yet how often do we ignore the wisdom contained in this age old saying, riding roughshod over the quiet voices within us that know differently?

Why do we plough on regardless? Historically, it’s probably something to do with the bottom line reality that it feels good. In a nutshell, there has to be a payoff…charging forwards, all in…adrenaline pumping, cortisol inducing, the thrill…yes those endorphins we pump out from our inner crystal meth lab are addictive….our inner drug dealer has us hooked…on the conflict, strife and discord because cortisol and adrenaline are well documented stress chemicals that form an addictive and complex cycle of responses in the body.

We literally get addicted to pain cycles. Yes. It’s extraordinary isn’t it?

Excessive cortisol is also an inhibitor of cell regeneration leading to low energy, impaired immune system activity and ill health.

These inside ‘drugs’ originated in circumstances that would have once ensured our survival, so they are not bad or wrong. They formed out of our early ancestral response mechanisms to life and its inherent dangers…namely our fight, flight, freeze responses stored deep inside the old reptile brain that saved the human race from extinction. So don’t see these cycles and the unerlieing hormones as your enemies either. They are primarily responsible for you being here in all likelihood.

So if a saber tooth tiger or a Tyrannosaurus Rex came running towards us for a dash of supper, our glands would do their respective jobs and these chemicals would kick in and excrete a concentrated shot of super juice into our nervous system to increase our speed, leap over a ravine or scramble up a tree, the sorts of things we would never usually consider, if it wasn’t for that hungry lurching predator right on our tail.

The thing is we are no longer in those circumstances, so this inner resource tries to adapt itself as best it can to life’s modern, vicarious demands. The saber tooth tigers have been replaced by new monsters…a lover behaves unexpectedly rudely, or an unexpected tax demand arrives or perhaps we still feel at risk wherever we go because we were raised in unsafe environments, where we developed similar flight patterns of stress response.

Similarly, if an ancestor was in a war, we can sometimes inherit the startle response too in our DNA, which the constant bombardments, canon fire and shocks of inhumane mass slaughter engendered in the returning soldier. This is because the human tendency is to lay down neural pathways the more we do something, which in turn become deep grooves and form an unconscious habit and eventually enters our cells and becomes recorded in our DNA. As our nervous system and brain function hard wires regular activities into our unconscious reflex and motor responses, we end up mercilessly bound in.

I sense this is a design flaw of the human mechanism.

I also suspect trauma has its own unique quirk, that can appear quite similar to this.

I have observed that trauma can override our system and leaves its ghosts guised as our habitual way of meeting life. It’s almost as if, our natural sense of homeostasis seeks to reenact the trauma in order to get the desired completion in the hope that the current environment is different this time and has the resources available to resolve it. However, when you enact this cycle, you are rarely doing it consciously and so, it is unlikely that you will encounter the right conditions to resolve the original incident.

The irony of these tendencies is that they were designed to make us more efficient and preserve life.

So it is these very impulses which in an ironic sense, overpower our deeper innocence and our true knowing, because they once served us in extreme circumstances, but have now become obsolete. They literally take us over.

They have formed a life of their own. Quite literally.

And so when you challenge them through healing, you literally take on the enemy.

I see this pattern in myself and my clients. There is this blind spot to self defeating tendencies to override our innate knowing and carry on hurtling towards things, people and experiences that really do not serve us in our wellbeing.

So, how do we go forwards and become more intimate in this cycle?

It is fundamentally about healing your DNA, ancestral patterns, early traumas and Returning What Is Not Yours

I am noticing when we move into a greater alignment with our wholeness, which includes embracing all parts of us, especially our shadow aspects, it can feel unsettling and lonely to arrive in this place – all the self betrayals, self sabotage and self abuse patterns handed down from aeons of social conditioning, ancestral dynamics and past lives of blind acting out come home to roost with their associated consequences and momentum.

Taking back our projections, reclaiming our part in these as cocreators with the divine, and observing the mess within and outside us can be a bitter pill to swollow. It can be unsettling when we wake up from our sleep, and it is all seen for what it is in the cold light of day.

But! As we incorporate and lovingly and acknowledge these unfamiliar and alien parts, they lose their grip, as the charge, of our dispossessed power returns to us. It is this mistaken and automated thinking that this world is not part of us and pushing outside of us and projecting our deepest feelings onto others which ultimately keeps darkness in ascendance in our lives.

As this energy loses its grip, and we process and grieve, this lingering sense of injustice and disempowerment can finally move out of our core, and then out of our field of reality making space for a wholeness to emerge, entirely unchartered from anything we’ve read or heard about before.

Our role modelling in patriarchal society, as well as the bypassing and predatory nature of many of the false teachings in the New Age/divine feminine movement are at odds with the process of self reclamation and healing. Attempting to become whole, through systems that do not address the shadows of the teacher, the guru, the facilitator and the therapist, is just as subject to corruption as the old ways of the politician, general and priest. They are two sides of the same coin.

These ghosts of the past have to rise up once again. Where we were once laden with these shadows, seeing the divine as something out there, we now have a chance to truely acknowledge the power of the unseen within us and take back our rightful place here in this realm, and free those in others to take their honoured places in their own.

A new narrative is possible, once we clear out this space. But as with anything new born, like the first green shoots of spring, whose roots are weak, vulnerable and tender, they require careful husbanding. Here the divine masculine in you, in each of us, can come back into balance as He seeks to nurture that which can prosper within you. For it is truely time to call an end to the old ways, and a fresh start for the new chapter to begin.

If you’d like to learn more about the pioneering work I am developing in ancestral and DNA clearing, family dynamics, past lives and early life trauma healing, please get in touch here or at www.soulpreneur.co.uk

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