In the New Age I have noticed a tendency towards emotional release without self awareness. It is prized above all else.

Emotional catharsis seems to be the Holy Grail.

As it infers in the bible, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

For many years I gathered in new age womb like sharing circles and emoted. Whilst it was an essential part of my learning to become sensitised and aware enough to feel, to recognise and express emotions, I found a crucial guiding priniciple was severely lacking.

Ownership and Co-creatorship.

There was little or no emphasis on tracking patterns and the origins of emotion in the body and in the field and following these back to early life, past lives and ancestors and then clearing them through AWARENESS once and for all.

It seemed to be more relevant to get consumed in the emotionality than to actually resolve it.

For to resolve it would threaten the womb like intimacy, the sense of tribe and community I had cultivated.

More cuttingly, I see now its existence grew around perpetuating itself.

Like an addiction on the part of the group, I was IN.

It was in fact a collusion to ultimately avoid ending the feeding on the juicyness of the emotionality and the feel good that a good release or cry would have on myself and everybody else.

In my experience this lead me on a dead-end and relentless rollercoster ride of repeating the same old patterns without the (self awareness) skills to spot and break the patterns which created the emotional choas in the first place.

Without the cold knife of mental clarity and seeing beyond the overgrowth of the emotionality, simple catharsis became yet another addiction.

Emotionality without awareness and pattern breaking has limitations and can actually deepen your original position.

Musings on my new age journey.

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