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“I have had two sessions so far with David and will certainly work with him again. I’ve experienced many healing modalities and therapists and he stands out as a facilitator who works more deeply and expansively than others. His intuition, grounded and compassionate space-holding, and razor-sharp insight have helped me to move through and release difficult emotions and experiences as well as to come more fully into my body with grace, self-appreciation and gratitude. His support has been invaluable.”


Morgan Khalsa

I offer Ancestral/Timeline Clearings, SoulPreneur Coaching &  Embodied Soul Awakening Programmes. Are you ready to let go of your patterns, activate your potential & Embody Your Wholeness?

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Embodied Soul Awakening was birthed through facing those places inside me where I felt lost, pained and traumatised, sometimes seemingly without cause. I noticed that in the zone, where my past was dropping away and the future had yet to form, my true nature began to emerge and take over. Here, I discovered I could make empowered choices and take radical responsibility for ALL aspects of my life. As my illnesses, negative patterns, addictions, failed relationships and work disappointments cleared, joy, clarity and prosperity naturally took their place.

As I returned to full strength, a process evolved as I sat with my clients, whereby I intuitively fused together my professional trainings in psychotherapy, mediumship and energy healing into a singular approach which I now call ‘Embodied Soul Awakening’. During a session, I am able to access the area of trauma, imbalance, distortion or past life / ancestral patterning by accessing your body and field.

I discovered that in sharing how to bring soul centred presence and embodiment into these congested areas, my clients started to shed their issues through accessing a higher consciousness beyond the mind’s usual way of inhabiting the body. As they cleared the debris from the past, it naturally led onto a rapid strengthening of their spirits. Through becoming stringently aware of how their lives had been impaired by the consequences of these patterns of decision making, my clients could take back control of their lives. After a session, they became painfully aware of the significance of each choice and literally deleted the old ways of living life and the negative consequences that had resulted from them.

As you learn to get present in your body, you catalyse a unique process whereby you can reclaim your own connection to a Source of pure awareness that enables you to take back full control of your life. From this vantage point, you can overcome the entrenched will of your ego, its hypnotic thoughts and automatic habits and begin instead to cocreate with Source a healthier, happier and propserous life.

As you learn to breathe and let go of your patterns and surrender your most cherished beliefs the Will of the Universal design, penetrates you in the very places where you were originally blocked. As these spaces are reclaimed with the charge of presence and embodied consciousness, you literally rebirth yourself.

The more you remain present to each moment, embodying in this way, the more you transform your darkness into your personal medicine as your true Self emerges from this wilderness. Your soul starts to embody the radiance, wellbeing and abundance you sought outside of yourself which leads to an unbreakable sense of wholeness as you alchemise your lead weight of your current challenges into gold.

On this path of Self Mastery you will come to know Yourself and as you do, you will thrive gracefully, effortlessly and naturally without the need to push, pull or hustle. You can access the eternal treasures of your soul, whenever you embody, breathe and remain present, never compromising or sacrificing your commitment to your Soul.

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“David you helped me more than a hundred ‘therapists’ helped me in 30 years, today, actually! I would recommend you any time and deeply respect your help, knowledge and foresight of how things can be. Again, gratitude, respect, and thank you for helping me, personally, so profoundly.” 
Rachel Harding

“David is a powerful healer, who I would certainly recommend to anyone who is serious about taking their healing to the next level, and taking responsibility for their own life. David uses his gifts of intuition to tune into your body and energy field to identify, dissolve and transmute any blocks or distortions. He does this with pinpointed accuracy. I have no hesitation in recommending his work.
Kwun Pang

“Little did I know the immense impact our session would come to have as I sat with David. I left happy with all I had received, but the magnitude of the releases went on for weeks afterwards and in all areas of my life. If you are ready, and I mean really ready to transmute some tricky and draining energy stories then David is a great person to hold you through the space.” 
Lys Wild

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