DNA Group Clearing & Activation

Many of us have forgotten who we really are.

We are each a spark of Pure Source / the Godhead / Creator that generates a holographic representation of itself in time and space as the human body.

DNA Group healing & activation sessions help you to lift the blinkers in your life and bring you back into a more pristine alignment with this pure aspect of yourself that exists in the higher dimensions of time and space and ground this essence back into your physical, human reality.


Your cells recognise Source frequency and this helps you to create a shift, as I guide you to release any aspects that are holding onto these lower frequency states, (usually an aspect of fear, control or sacrifice) that interfere with you being fully embodied and bringing your higher power through into your life so that you can thrive.

During a DNA Group Session, we begin with a 30 minute guided meditation tap into, embody and utilise this pure energy source to unravel and clear stuck energy, ancestral trauma, past life karma and other dissociative tendencies.

Sometimes these energies hold in place or divert parts of your soul’s energy away and / or pull you out of your field so you are not fully sovereign inside your own body.

What to expect

In a group DNA session, each person then receives an individual 1-on-1 scan and I work with you for approximately 10 minutes individually in front of the group.

As your blockages clear, a sacred space opens up, and you can sense the presence of your higher self becoming a more tangible sensation, as healthier patterns, solutions, habits and new potentials naturally start to arise in the days that follow.

Over time, as your physical body and your higher self merge, you may initially feel disorientated or even experience a detox, followed by a gentle shift that may have a knock on effect in your relationships with money, love, work, health and friendships.

These group sessions are potent opportunities to upgrade your DNA, elevating you into higher states whereby you can uncouple yourself from redundant DNA codes and regenerate new ones thus creating a more harmonious, thriving and joyous life as you realise your full potential on this earth.

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"I have been working with David for some months now to consolidate some very deep ancestral healing. It is an amazing practice David offers, bringing a sense of calm and wisdom, and powerful dynamism, as I have untangled what is my essence from energy that does not belong to me, or serve me.

Our recent session helped me to stay in my power, and offered tools to support me to let go of the collective panic. Thank you David for sharing your wonderful gifts across the world, supporting great healing on many levels, and reconnecting us to our essence.
With love and gratitude, Jodie”