Feminine Radiance

There comes a time in life when you realise that to keep repeating the same relationship dynamics, emotional dramas and endless heartache regardless of the person you are with or your best attempts to change, heal and become a better woman requires a fresh approach.

“David is a very talented quantum healer, but not only that, he teaches embodiment through experience, and in a session with him, you will get to actually embody yourself more holistically. This is truely a gift you can give to yourself, that goes beyond healing modalities that simply ‘teach’ you – David will through an Embodied Soul Awakening Session have you reach into yourself more fully and honestly. If you are ready for the greatest version of yourself, I highly recommend connecting with David.” Cecilia Eyvaa Zikara

Many women are experiencing crisis point with their current partner or even a total breakdown in their relationships with the masculine - perhaps triggered by looping cycles of trauma, abuse at the hands of a narcissist and a sense there are no ‘decent’ masculine men out there or all the best ones are taken. With the disturbing trend of the New Age effeminised, wimpy male or conversely, the tantric yoni £uckboy sleazeball, women sometimes fall into the trap of settling for a relationship with a seemingly dominant man who turns out to be anything but.

Many of these devastating outcomes originate from parenting dynamics between father and daughter, as well as your parents’ ways of sexually relating to one another and together with deeper buried ancestral trauma, they combine to replay torturous relationships in spite of your best efforts.

It takes courage, vulnerability and a keen insight to recognise this type of patterning, as your painbody tends to develop sophisticated ways of ringfencing you in to these trauma loops, so that you remain blinkered to your deepest longing to be in union with a male in a healthily polarised, fulfilling, healing and growth orientated relationship where your man leads you, devotedly and knows how to hold you in a way that enables you to relax deeper and deeper into your feminine.

Feminine Radiance coaching enables you to notice, clear and rise above all the ways you may be feeling trapped in unsatisfying ways of relating so that you can start to reclaim your most tender vulnerability and deepest yearnings to be wild, soft, sensual, free flowing, open and magnetic.

“I highly recommend David. His work is highly powerful, direct and non 'fluff' (as is often found in Glastonbury), and yet his work is as equally compassionate and empathic. He has been of great assistance to me as I navigate myself (and not loose myself, but actually find myself again) through a very difficult divorce. Powerful work, David, thank you.” Catherine Dempsey Williams

“I had 2 sessions with David and wow what a process! It taught me a lot about myself, revealing a difficult dynamic that had been playing out in my intimate relationship, also came up in a session with David of feeling unseen.

This “shadow work” was unexpected, but wow I am glad it came up and out. The interim laser session allowed all these revelations to come up and for me to speak how I had felt in the 1st session as I had not brought “my whole self” into our first session. In our second session, where I felt confident and able to bring myself in and speak up, it was transformative.

I was able to say goodbye to a part of myself that had been hiding in the shadows for some time, and with complete peace, let her go.

I now feel strongly in alignment, I feel more confident and powerful, and truly grateful for the entire process. His approach really resonated with me. Thanks David for being yourself and providing an excellent mirror for me to deepen my relationship with myself.” Talor

What to expect

In a group DNA session, each person then receives an individual 1-on-1 scan and I work with you for approximately 10 minutes individually in front of the group.

As your blockages clear, a sacred space opens up, and you can sense the presence of your higher self becoming a more tangible sensation, as healthier patterns, solutions, habits and new potentials naturally start to arise in the days that follow.

Over time, as your physical body and your higher self merge, you may initially feel disorientated or even experience a detox, followed by a gentle shift that may have a knock on effect in your relationships with money, love, work, health and friendships.

These group sessions are potent opportunities to upgrade your DNA, elevating you into higher states whereby you can uncouple yourself from redundant DNA codes and regenerate new ones thus creating a more harmonious, thriving and joyous life as you realise your full potential on this earth.

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In this pioneering work, we combine embodiment, roll play, gestalt meditation and blueprint work to empower you to break free of those aspects of you that have been creating unsatisfying ways of relating to the masculine so that you can reclaim your personal power & feminine radiance.

"I have been working with David for some months now to consolidate some very deep ancestral healing. It is an amazing practice David offers, bringing a sense of calm and wisdom, and powerful dynamism, as I have untangled what is my essence from energy that does not belong to me, or serve me.

Our recent session helped me to stay in my power, and offered tools to support me to let go of the collective panic. Thank you David for sharing your wonderful gifts across the world, supporting great healing on many levels, and reconnecting us to our essence.
With love and gratitude, Jodie”