Finding Your Roarrrrrrrr

When you speak your truth from an integrated place – it may still have a charge.

This doesn’t mean it’s any less valid.

You don’t have to embody polite social etiquette or some new age ideal you’ve swollowed on a Non Violent Communication course that’s stifles your deeper shadow and secretly shames you for your darker aspects of humanness.

Rage or indeed righteous indignation are still valid – they may be divine messengers from old karmic, ancestral or early life traumas that are calling to you from the depths.

Once accepted, owned, cleared and integrated, these allies soften into embodied POWER, that kicks ass, in an assertive, boundaried and no nonsense way.

It’s a sign you’ve upped your frequencies when your boundaries are clearly broadcasting through energetic transmitters within your field rather than clunky intellectualised concepts and syrupy insidious demands that create yet more of the same conflict.

Those people that aren’t aligned to your willingness to be more you, more vital and more alive may drop away as the frequencies of the dynamics that were at play won’t want to stand in the fire and burn down in order to purify their side of the bargain you both once struck.

You will find that when you integrate these darker shadow aspects, people will react differently to how they did in the past and doors will open effortlessly for significant change, especially those who are welcoming of you in your growing power rather than secretly threatened and jealous.

As light follows day, life follows frequencies.

Stepping in to your true self may feel charged initially as you may have suppressed a whole lot of stuff to stay small…so be prepared to roar 🐯 and not guilt trip yourself back for ruffling a few feathers and keep breathing.

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