The divine is not some exterior force. It is deep within you in your bones and the miracle of your body. It is right there in your darkest dark as much as in the heavens. Perhaps more so.

Our base, impulsive and animalistic drives resonate at the frequency of nature and the Animal Kingdom which is literally the god force within you.

This is why I love embodiment so much as the foundation of my practice as I literally focus on my body as the divine. Being in my body feels like a spiritual practice in and of itself and strengthens my own sovereign connection to Source.
Observing where my base drives have become blocked is often the key to accessing profound and rapid healing both for myself and my clients.

Freud called it “libidinal” energy and Reich, his disciple took it out of the realm of the intellect and into the next level with his body of work known as Orgone therapy.

It was known to cure most diseases including cancer but he was thrown in prison where he died of a heart attack before he could spread this knowledge, such was the level of suppression at the time.

Many of our hardest to reach wounds are connected to our sex, our base drives such as grief and rage, as well as our other primal emotions and our sense of belonging and of course self esteem.

And like Reich, we literally throw them into the prison of our unconscious as part of our coping mechanism. Many of us are literally born into these patterns of wounding and experience them as sheaths overlaying our sense of self.

Ironically, these social restraints still remain firmly anchored into our DNA, even when we swop our old religion for a new age spiritual practice, healing modality or belief.

When I discovered that some of these wounds can actually be from imprints and templates that originate from our family or religious lineage or a set of past lives it helped me clarify that the narrative I was running about this pain wasn’t ever going to heal it!

This is because, more often than not, we are not pulling the root from it’s true origin and so when we pluck at it, like bindweed, we pull the flower / shoot but leave the roots in the ground of our unconscious.

Although you may have experienced early life conditioning and traumas connected to these wounds and have cleared that in therapy, quite often they still linger because they go far deeper.

Therefore no amount of focussing on the emotionality or the narrative can actually clear a wound without tapping into the quantum field at the same time. Otherwise you hit a ceiling that can’t be passed.

Yet it becomes an addiction of the pain body to keep going round and round searching for more and more “healing” nourishment for this pain through sharing and catharting it which only ends up feeding and strengthening the enmeshment that keeps it in place.

As a result a glass ceiling is formed which ironically creates a forcefield that  blocks out the basic truth that your body is only an extension of your quantum blue print.

Many spiritual practices incorrectly focus on accessing your soul’s healing powers which unfortunately only tends to reinforce the wounds back into the body because they need to be cleared at the highest level of your blueprint.

The blue print aspect of healing tends to be mostly overlooked. This is because it is not very well understood and there’s a lot of flaky woo woo b.s. out there too which the ego can grab onto in order to discredit.

Healing yourself at your blueprint level catslyses a healing at your emotional, psychological and in some cases even physical levels. As a result, it signals the death knell for the egoic painbody which for the most part has been running the show and for many people, it is the guardian of the spiritual quest to heal oneself and thus subtly keeps you locked into an eternal loop in order to maintain its control.

There’s  a tendency amongst us humans to disconnect from this soul wrenching pain and separate it out from the physical and thus become disassociated whilst  proclaiming to have found our divinity.

It’s possibly the biggest ego trap in the new age as it is the most seductive.

I  fell into this trap for many years.

Focussing on the divine as being higher than the base and unwanted aspects of myself was a convenient way to bypass aspects of myself that were too painful to face.

As part of my embodiment practice I’ve come to see exactly how this spiritual ego trick creates “go-arounds” for deeper wounds of rejection, inadequacy, abandonment, neglect, violation and shame which sit in the body and surrounding subtler field creating a nasty stench.

I’ve experienced the majority of spiritual meditations and methods  take me out of my body to connect to the divine which leaves me further away from my actual Source essence and lifts me above these wounds without addressing and removing them at the DNA level so they remain in my field taking up unnecessary space and limiting my full potential from entering me.

It’s like painting over mould with gold. It will simply stink under the shine.

Spiritual ego loves to dress up as the soul. But it comes at the expense of doing the deeper work and removing the really painful and dark stuff in your DNA 🧬

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