Are you ready to accelerate your self-healing?
Learn how to embody your unique potential and thrive

Do you struggle with intimate relationships?
Heal old trauma and heartache to enjoy empowering connections & intimacy

Do you yearn to show up in your full power as a man?
Learn how to embody your unique potential and thrive

“I have had two sessions so far with David and will certainly work with him again. I’ve experienced many healing modalities and therapists and he stands out as a facilitator who works more deeply and expansively than others. His intuition, grounded and compassionate space-holding, and razor-sharp insight have helped me to move through and release difficult emotions and experiences as well as to come more fully into my body with grace, self-appreciation and gratitude. His support has been invaluable.”

Morgan Khalsa


Are you ready to let go of your patterns, activate your potential and embody your wholeness?


Are you ready to kick ass and live life from your balls, heart and soul by facing the origins of your motivational, addiction, mother, father and intimacy issues?


Are you ready to reclaim your primal sexual essence, heal your trauma and embody your full potential as a radiant woman or a man in his full power?



The Silent Roar

The Silent Roar

A 3 Month Men's Training   Dear Men   Have you lost your roar?   Or do you find yourself shamed when you express your needs, desires or boundaries and wish you hadn’t bothered?   Or perhaps it’s still in tact, but you just have never had the space,...

The Cauldron of Love

The Cauldron of Love

The Cauldron of Love As the world enters the twilight zone of its current reality, there has never been a richer, more extraordinary transformative time than this precious MOMENT. This NOW is the most opportune time we have ever known on this planet to transmute the...