Self actualisation starts with learning to notice, own and release any conditioning, thoughts or emotions that stop you from making progress

Then being able to respond dynamically in any given moment, no longer reacting from old patterns of hypnotic trance, familiar loops and endless postponement

You become a co-creator with life and start to harness your gold; authenticity and transparency, your allies of old

Don’t be afraid to develop kick ass boundaries and be bold, you will no longer see the agency of your power as being outside the fold

There’s no god, goddess, deity, plant medicine or healer that can save you, for it is only you who has the ability to reclaim your own healing and stop looking to be rescued

It’s about transmuting the accumulations of your past life karmas and your families’ conditioning, into self knowledge, empowerment and seeing through false reasoning

As you take back control of your life, many problems can be solved, if you develop the discipline to strengthen your ability to retain your presence within your body in order to evolve

As you become a living, breathing embodiment of your higher self, life starts to bless you in ways that lead to abundance, success and radiant health

As your cells dance with the light of a swirling dervish, the true purpose of what it is to be a human being emerges

Through just being yourself, hanging out as you are, in moment to moment stillness your soul shines from afar

Your potential is unlimited and it’s finally landing in your life, the gift of ‘being’ feels enough as you overcome the need for strife

Always remember, awareness is the key, as it offers you X-ray eyes to truly see

You can turn any acrimony into harmony, dissolve traumas and ignomy into an empowering destiny…knowing this…life becomes a divine symphony

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