Lys Wild

“Little did I know the immense impact our session would come to have as I sat with David. I left happy with all I had received, but the magnitude of the releases went on for weeks afterwards and in all areas of my life. If you are ready, and I mean really ready to transmute some tricky and draining energy stories then David is a great person to hold you through the space.” 

Kwun Pang

“David is a powerful healer, who I would certainly recommend to anyone who is serious about taking their healing to the next level, and taking responsibility for their own life. David uses his gifts of intuition to tune into your body and energy field to identify, dissolve and transmute any blocks or distortions. He does this with pinpointed accuracy. I have no hesitation in recommending his work.

Rachel Harding

“David you helped me more than a hundred ‘therapists’ helped me in 30 years, today, actually! I would recommend you any time and deeply respect your help, knowledge and foresight of how things can be. Again, gratitude, respect, and thank you for helping me, personally, so profoundly.”

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