The Silent Roar

Dear Men

Are you ready to embrace the return of your full power as a male?

If you’ve been feeling like you’ve lost your roar and find yourself shamed when you speak up, go for your goals, express your vulnerability, needs, desires or boundaries and end up wishing you hadn’t bothered, then The Silent Roar work is definitely for you.


Perhaps you find yourself unable or limited in knowing how to express your hurt, irritation, frustration, passion and limits at work, in intimacy or in close relationships?

Are you simmering, quietly, but nonetheless seething, ruminating and puzzled at how to discharge these wounds at their origin so that you can better express yourself and drive forwards in your life?

Perhaps you soothe yourself with exercise, success, wealth accumulation, or hobbies that help distract you from core pain and disassociate from conflict without resolution?

Or are you using pornography, scrolling through social media, drinking too much alcohol to self soothe and neglecting your body with crap food and a lack of exercise, turning this aggression against yourself and sabotaging your life?

Perhaps you have never had the space, the support and permission to be held accountable and claim back your truth and be witnessed in your authentic nature so that you can live your life with dignity, presence and your potency permeating everything you say & touch?

If you’d like to learn to be the master of your own destiny and reclaim your full agency to be in charge of your life, learning to take full responsibility, so that people no longer disrespect you, then the Silent Roar coaching or group work is for you.

If you’d like to learn how to heal the root causes of your anger, frustration or addictions and sublimate your aggressive drives into clarity, power and assertiveness then click here to arrange an interview.

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