When you connect into Pure Source, there is a Higher Order that trumps all other ‘truths’ and it will always kick your ass – 

It will invariably strike you between the eyes 👀  and will knock all that is false over –

This higher frequency of pure unconditional love is akin to the raw power of nature and the fierceness of wild animals –

It is ruthlessly efficient like a surgeon –

Spend a few nights in the Amazon jungle and you will see just how fiercesome this natural power is –

It sifts the weak from the strong and organises healthy evolution to bring the best out of all species –

It is certainly not the lovey dovey gooey new age trauma bonded sexualised or idealised codependent love we have been conditioned so heavily to seek outside of ourselves through relationships and intimacy, rituals and soothing nurturing healing modalities –

These approaches tend to layer over these core deficiencies of fundamental lack of connection to our own true source with fluff that feels good at the time as it’s like a soothing balm but it rarely gets anywhere near penetrating the deepest roots of issues and removing them at their absolute DNA 🧬 origin –

Unconditional love won’t coddle you and it isn’t there to provide the love you can’t generate for yourself –

It is there to strip all illusions and all that enslaves, degrades, limits and restricts you and make you the strongest fittest and best version of yourself so you can get back to your absolute essence and generate this unconditional power from within –

This can be extremely traumatic for the shame and trauma bonded fragmented aspects of ourselves that tend to run the show, seeking never ending patterns of abuse or healing adjustments that just layer more gloss over what needs to be removed rather than added to – 

This is the rub we all ultimately must face at one point or another on our healing journeys

Unconditional love will relentlessly reveal egoic identities that you’ve adopted to survive or inherited from your family or society and it will strip every last fibre of falsity away from you that doesn’t represent the highest sovereign version of yourself –

Your higher self has one undiluted purpose – to reunite itself with your body to create heaven on earth and in so doing, realign you to your absolute abundant, effortless healthy self as nature intended –

Where humans run into issues, is where the fabric of our essence has become so degraded and trauma bonded to ancestral patterns and early life conditioning that we need to rebuild our ego structure sufficiently in order to gradually prepare to undergo this stripping and being ready to face meeting this deeply clearing unconditionally loving force of nature

If you’re ready to face the music 🎼I’m running a 7 Day DNA 🧬 shift and clearing programme from 25th – 31st December

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