“David Stone – wow, what a trigger and a catalyst this guy is and in the best possible ways! I am full of nothing but gratitude and respect for him and his unique ability of homing in on whatever patterns and wounds are hiding out in your deeper field of energy, DNA subconscious awareness and ancestral line, asking to be released, brought to light, transmuted and transformed so that you can make more powerful strides towards becoming the person the Universe meant you to be. Profound insight and healing follow.

After our first session, I felt light bulb after light bulb going off within my understanding of why I had experienced my particular set of challenges and I got clear visions of early wounds that I barely had realised were there or how deep they were. Further sessions increased this insight and healing process exponentially with new understanding bringing a tsunami of ‘aha’ moments. It’s true that not everything that surfaces from the depths is easy to deal with in this kind of work, but in facing your shadow aspects (many of which such as problematic ancestral programming may well not even be yours!) so that they can be dissolved is such an empowering journey, one on which you’ll be so glad to have a wonderful guide like David with you!”

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