“David Stone – wow, what a trigger and a catalyst this guy is and in the best possible ways! I am full of nothing but gratitude and respect for him and his unique ability of homing in on whatever patterns and wounds are hiding out in your deeper field of energy, DNA subconscious awareness and ancestral line, asking to be released, brought to light, transmuted and transformed so that you can make more powerful strides towards becoming the person the Universe meant you to be. Profound insight and healing follow.

After our first session, I felt light bulb after light bulb going off within my understanding of why I had experienced my particular set of challenges and I got clear visions of early wounds that I barely had realised were there or how deep they were. Further sessions increased this insight and healing process exponentially with new understanding bringing a tsunami of ‘aha’ moments. It’s true that not everything that surfaces from the depths is easy to deal with in this kind of work, but in facing your shadow aspects (many of which such as problematic ancestral programming may well not even be yours!) so that they can be dissolved is such an empowering journey, one on which you’ll be so glad to have a wonderful guide like David with you!”

Huw Mathias

Director, Light Work Create

“David you helped me more than a hundred ‘therapists’ helped me in 30 years, today, actually! I would recommend you any time and deeply respect your help, knowledge and foresight of how things can be. Again, gratitude, respect, and thank you for helping me, personally, so profoundly.” 
Rachel Harding

“David is a powerful healer, who I would certainly recommend to anyone who is serious about taking their healing to the next level, and taking responsibility for their own life. David uses his gifts of intuition to tune into your body and energy field to identify, dissolve and transmute any blocks or distortions. He does this with pinpointed accuracy. I have no hesitation in recommending his work.” .

Kwun Pang

“Little did I know the immense impact our session would come to have as I sat with David. I left happy with all I had received, but the magnitude of the releases went on for weeks afterwards and in all areas of my life. If you are ready, and I mean really ready to transmute some tricky and draining energy stories then David is a great person to hold you through the space.” 
Lys Wild

“Dearest David, Thank you for such a powerful session. You pinpointed very quickly a pattern I was running which in many ways I could say has severely limited my life and growth. A pattern that has kept me small and fearful. Over the past 18 years or so I have gone from one modality to another trying with all my will to shift this fear. David you tracked exactly where in my body this pattern played out. I could identify it and feel how empty it left me feeling as I would exit my body as a means of protection each time it was triggered. As we worked on this emptiness, I was filled, and a greater sense of completeness came in. I could then clearly see this pattern move out of me, and see it as not me at all. It felt liberating. This session was a life changer for me.
With very many thanks”

Tonia Gooderham

“I just finished my daily chanting rituals … and I swear there was So much More gratitude tonight for this mind blowing elevating session I had with you.  My heart simply can’t contain this cracking ecstatic energy you’ve filled it with once again. I don’t know where but through all the sacrifices and lessons, I’d lost my lustre somewhere down the road and I thought it was a part of the new somber me … and then the universe sent you. To rekindle the glow. Bring back the flow. Remind me who I really was. Am. And always will be in essence. Thank you for being. So humbled. Absolute pleasure and deep gratitude from the bottom of my heart.”


“I have been on quite a journey since meeting you. Our embodiment work together helped me uproot some huge patterns and I knew that I wanted to deepen this further through your ongoing mentoring, which has been deep medicine for me. You are one of the most compassionate, loving and funniest humans I have met and I feel blessed to be working with you, and I look forward to future sessions.  Thank you again for all your wisdom and guidance which has enabled me to embody into my wholeness.  I truly value you and the service that you offer, which is a reflection of the deep inner journey you have been on!”


“David is one of the best intuitive listeners I have ever met. He has a huge empathic heart field which is in tune with the most powerful healing source there is~ LOVE. With David’s help I was able to access my deepest true nature to recover my own inner soul gifts, which are my spiritual birthright. David is always in service to personal and planetary Sovereignty and works with great integrity, compassion and wise humour. And his divine poetic writing is sublime! Thank you for your connection.”

Anna Lovelock, Linlithgow

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with David for the past six years. I first met him seeking support for developing my ideas for a soul-centred coaching practice, and I quickly appreciated his unique approach to going deep within, with true authenticity. His experience in many and various approaches, helped me explore my own beliefs, attitudes and challenges rigorously and yet compassionately. I particularly wanted to integrate my new-found shamanic beliefs into my day-to-day life and professional practice. He was always sensitised to my energies and intuited what I needed each time I saw him, through “seeing”, healing, journeying, challenging and supporting. I always came away (and still do) feeling nurtured and cleansed at a deep level. I continue to consult him when particular challenges arise, and always know that he will create the space and environment appropriate to my needs. I commend him to anyone sincerely seeking their own truth.”

Mike Palmer

“I’ve experienced nothing but good energy since our meeting. Honestly you healed something within me about prosperity and belief in myself. I hold you very dear. Thank you David. You’re a bright light in this world.”

Jo Dutfield

“I have worked with David this year to crystallise my thoughts for my own coaching practice. His deep and personal commitment to my growth and development has enabled me to make several breakthroughs such that I am now clear about my new practice and its contribution to the world.” 


Partnerships in Learning

“I have been blessed to receive a healing session from David Stone. He is brilliant…loving, fierce…so talented. I highly recommend him! He can provide for you in person or on Skype, etc.Thank you for YOU, David! I am deeply grateful.”

Julianne Parkinson

“I had suffered with anxiety on a daily basis from childhood, as an adult it really got in the way of life on occasions where I felt out of control. I was fortunate enough to find Dave and take part in mindfulness resilience training and it transformed my life. I began to be able to understand the underlieing causes of my anxiety which helped me to dissolve it. With a further 1-2-1 session, we were able to identify periods in my life where it originated, and as we cleared them through the deep soul embodiment meditations, I felt like a huge weight lift off me. Dave has given me the tools to continue to cope in a very busy and sometimes unkind world. He’s a kind, compassionate and incredibly intuitive person which made it easy to work with him. Two of my teenage sons have also received individual coaching sessions with equally life changing results. I can’t recommend Dave enough.”


“Having become rather ‘lost’ in life I had reached a point where I was in need of guidance…I had pondered over the idea of counselling but didn’t like the concept of handing my mind over to someone as it were! Somehow I found David or David found me and I was touched by his deep and truthful writings derived within his soul, the one soul of all existence. It wasn’t long before I found myself sat in front of him on a video call! It was again then that I experienced full on oneness, enlightenment, no mind, bliss or whatever we want to call it before even a word was spoken. Just this man’s presence, his gaze affirmed to me who I truly was. He needn’t have said or done anything as his silent mind and pure heart connected deep within me filling every cell with unconditional love. I now realise in that moment I experienced Satori (flash of enlightenment) which affirmed to me that the mind in its natural state of consciousness does not even exist as we know it. Since we met I have been aware of how to connect with my true being with ease, and it continues to this day and grows stronger with in me. I recommend connecting with David to anyone seeking the truth as to who we really are and why we are here ”

Dan Read

“My work with David was profound on many levels. Multidimensional in nature, healing and expansive, Bringing Clarity!! I felt very supported as I walked through the processes of releasing old patterns and ancient energies. David is a beautiful representation of the ‘Divine Masculine’ and supported my ‘Divine Feminine’ with honor and respect and with loving care in order to see what was calling for healing.” 

Susan Joy

“David quite simply is brilliant at seeing to the heart of any problem. He is intuitive in his approach and guides clients to discover their own solutions – quite a skill. His insight and patience allows clients to work at their own pace without pressure. Through his astute questions and gentle direction the solutions/desired outcomes are always achieved.”

Linda Middleton-Jones

“I want to honour the lovely David Stone for helping me to quit alcohol FOREVER! I was ready to make the shift and I feel like my own new sacred heart, body, soul and life intention became a natural progression for me; held firm within his field of resonance. Yes, there were many ups and downs along the way- but the purity of spirit remained intact. Thank you dear man for your earthy realness, your mind expanding connection, your sweet kindness, your gentle ways and your utter honesty”


“As an artist I rely on my creativity which unfortunately doesn’t flow well during times when I’m stressed and low. Working with Dave however, created a powerful shift for me. He helped me clean up some murky boundaries I had with others and sort through priorities so that I felt clear and light and things started to flow again. Being in this space enabled me to have a surprisingly profitable Art’s Trail whilst generating lots of interest in my work; it also gave me the confidence to successfully run my first art workshop and to step up and start networking again. He helped me develop stronger resources in myself for my challenging times and was extremely supportive in a way that previous coaches were unable to be, and in doing so helped me free up aspects of myself that were really stuck. His help has been invaluable”

Natasha Alexander

“Working in a women’s refuge means that the strategies outlined in the course, particularly the breathing and Karpman drama triangle learnings will be really interesting to use. I would recommend this course to anyone to help with their development both professional and personal”

Women’s Refuge Centre Manager

“David will accompany you into the deepest, darkest shadowy places and help you shine light on the truth that may have been hidden from you. He is a firm ally in the places of adversity where we must journey to retrieve the treasure of our true selves. He is committed to his work with love and passion and works in an intuitive, incisive way. If you’re wanting someone to stare unflinchingly into the darkness with you then David is the right guide for you”

Kate Gold

“The work I did with David’s support and guidance enabled me to really recognise and begin to shift negative patterns of behaviour. What started as a simple enquiry into mindfulness and emotional resilience, soon developed into an in-depth journey of spirit and purpose. David is an insightful guide who supported me on a journey to knowing my self better.  His calm reassuring approach enabled me to get to grips with blocks in my life and make changes where I previously saw insurmountable challenges. Shifting the internal blocks enabled me to see the message in the mess and set about clearing a space to just be, and release beliefs which held me in an unhelpful past. David taught me simple, powerful, breathing techniques and resourced me with other tools to call upon at any moment, in any place, to help me centre myself. When I look back on all I have achieved; getting in touch with my emotions/deeply held beliefs, has helped me move forward in life. It has been an inspiring journey. I can do it, so can you!”



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