The Abundant Entrepreneur

To fulfil your highest potential takes focus, determination and grit. Being connected to your inner magic whilst maintaining a grounded, practical and commercial approach with deadlines and budget constraints can feel like walking a tightrope over a cliff top. SoulPreneur coaching sessions enable you to clear the way so you can effectively ground your dreams and bring them to life.

Initially, we will identify any patterns, contracts or agreements that limit you from fully showing up in your work. We will home in on any patterns that stop you from bringing through opportunities for your gifts to flourish and fully owning your role as a co-creator with Source.

As you clear internal and external obstacles, you will start to see that the doorway to success was always right before you and you will naturally start to align with the riches within. As you learn to embody your presence, unhindered by these distortions, many of those things you hungered for, including the relationships, visibility, money and success will start to arrive naturally, without the frustrations, compromise and grief which may have accompanied them in the past.

Combining this approach with creative brainstorming, strategic planning, marketing best practice, copy writing and social media coaching, supports you to build firm foundations from the bottom up, enabling you to take off in your chosen direction. I offer my experience with deep embodiment healing, Gestalt psychotherapy and solution-focused coaching, along with 18 years working as a corporate and freelance marketer, as effective resources you can draw upon to bridge the material and spiritual worlds.

To begin unleashing your full potential as a SoulPreneur, please get in touch <<here>> to book in for a free 20 minute discussion.

“As an artist I rely on my creativity which unfortunately doesn’t flow well during times when I’m stressed and low. Working with Dave however, created a powerful shift for me.

He helped me clean up some murky boundaries I had with others and sort through priorities so that I felt clear and light and things started to flow again. Being in this space enabled me to have a surprisingly profitable Art’s Trail whilst generating lots of interest in my work; it also gave me the confidence to successfully run my first art workshop and to step up and start networking again.

He helped me develop stronger resources in myself for my challenging times and was extremely supportive in a way that previous coaches were unable to be, and in doing so helped me free up aspects of myself that were really stuck. His help has been invaluable”  


Natasha Alexander

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