The Cauldron of Love

As the world enters the twilight zone of its current reality, there has never been a richer, more extraordinary transformative time than this precious MOMENT.

This NOW is the most opportune time we have ever known on this planet to transmute the darkest remnants of personal karma, ancestral distortion, limitation, lack, poverty, discord and dis-ease into an embodied awakening so that the highest expression of who you truly are can emerge.

The old reality, that underpinned who you believed yourself to be, has been founded upon lack, sacrifice, control, fear and suffering.

As it collapses, we are witnessing the death rattle of everything that you have used to identify yourself by externally, so many are experiencing states of anxiety, loss, devastation, depression, confusion, emptiness, exhaustion as these old aspects of us tied into the old matrix die off.

We are entering a sacred death space where a profound inner alchemy can unfold.

This is why we are seeing so much upheaval.

This is why chaos, confusion and destruction reign everywhere.

This is why there is so much deceit coming out into the open.

This is why the dark forces that have siphoned off the life force of humanity are coming out into the open as their contortions of truth can no longer be hidden in the old density.

The light is too strong. However it is also unfamiliar as we are so used to ‘love’n’light’ saccharin sweetness and this frequency of truth is far more fierce and uncompromising than the dross we have been primed to expect from the New Age coolaid.

Wave upon wave of high frequency light is bombarding the planet from the central sun.

This is a galactic phenomenon and is shifting the entire universe to shed what is no longer true.

Those dark forces hellbent on controlling this planet have always been hungry for absolute control and dominion.

Only now, as their roots weaken and are cast out to the surface, as their power diminishes and the light increases, the opportunity to look into the rising darkness you see reflected outside of you can be utilised to illuminate all of those inner places that have remained disempowered and in hiding. It is time to face up to all your blindspots where your shadows, epecially in your relationships, or in your inability to step into your true power, purpose and grace have remained crushed, shamed or shunned.

In fact, all the places where you feel disempowered and in denial of your true radiance as an infinite being of boundless light are ripe for exposure.

Some are navigating these waves and riding them out to capitalise on the new opportunities that are emerging, whereas other people are struggling, getting dunked underneath, sometimes getting dragged down under waves of shame, trauma and despair.

It is now more important than ever to learn to locate yourself physically here in this body, in time and space as the quantum field of this old reality collapses and breaks apart and the new earth realities start to form.

This is your chance to be at the forefront of this wave as an empowered co-creator, riding the crest of these waves of light.

This 6 week immersion is designed to help you remain steadfast throughout this process, bringing succour to the deepest aspects of you, so that you can take advantage of the potent opportunities that will continue to disrupt all the old ways of being and living until they become obsolete.

  • There will be 3 group embodiment activation meditations per week, each 22 minutes in duration – 18 in total over the 6 weeks. These can be attended live with recordings sent out in addition so you can continue to benefit at your own leisure.
  • There will be 3 x 2.5 hour fortnightly group sessions where meet together on Zoom. Each fortnightly group session will amplify the power of working in a group format in person, to include an embodiment activation session for the group, topical issues discussed, and laser sessions where I will work with one or more of the group for 20 minutes each while the rest of the group holds space as the witness, as we learn and heal together to shift the frequencies in all of us, held by the person in the centre. This will also be a great training opportunity for those more advanced in the work who have had 1-2-1 sessions with me before.
  • There will be 2 x personal one to one 30 minute illumination sessions with me privately outside of group time to ensure you are maintaining your alignment during the 6 weeks.

The Cauldron of Love is place of no escape! Many of the ways you may have avoided yourself will emerge and become extremely uncomfortable and some of the strategies you have used to cover over these distortions may become exposed or no longer work for you.

We will offer a group FB space for you to resource yourself, experiment with new habits and let go of the old.

It is therefore suggested that you only embark on this course if you are truly ready for change and are willing to take full personal responsibility for what comes up in your process.

We will not be dancing on the ceiling, blasting you out your body to visit other galaxies to bypass the pain and paper over the cracks and other spiritual disembodiment techniques etc.

We will be sitting in the mud, gently connecting to the earth, and her profound healing while also connecting with the infinite spark of your higher self to break down the filters, distortions and imbalances that you are ready to confront that prevent you from awakening.

The course will provide a space for you to explore and clear those old places where you hold ancestral energies and attachments, filters, secondary selves, poverty consciousness and relationship distortions and traumas that may have been actively affecting you in your life, but you have never been able to quite shift.

We will work with shame and how it is the one of the biggest barriers to letting this shit go!

 The 6 week immersion costs £299 / $430 in total and there will be a maximum of 20 spaces available.

The course starts on August 22nd

Logistics tbc shortly of 18 live embodiment activations and 3 group sessions.

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