You are beauty and pragmatism personified – fire and brimstone in free flow – primal life force is unleashed when you show.

So blessed are we who dare to know you – to feel you course through our veins with wild abandon.

Yet so many suppress, bury, constrict and constrain you.

Throttling the life force out of themselves in the process. A habit so embedded, most rarely notice you. They are exhausted. Wrestling you takes its toll in silent daily woe.

Fearing to let you run free and unabated, they assume would leave a trail of ruin and devastation.

If only people realised you were the secret vigilante, a defender of personal boundaries and self sovereignty, the protector from predators who live in the shadows.

You are essential to survival – you warn of trickery, mindfuckery and deceit…you enable us to move away from danger and let us know when someone untrustworthy is about.

In intimacy, given the space…you reveal your deeper allies; grief, distress and upset. When held safely, you shed tears that cleanse and can be the harbinger of profound vulnerability and wisdom, that bond us deeply.

You are an enigma only known to the few.

When your fire is held and directed appropriately, your heat can warm the hearth of intimacy and provide deep succour to souls hungering for truth.

You contain clues to past hurts, betrayals and traumas that when expressed can release aeons of pain, illness and disassociation.

You are a messenger from the God within. You hold the charge of life inside you. Often coded, enshrouded in confusion, you remain a mystery.

Yet so quick are we to misunderstand, vilify and ostracise you.

There is so much desire to minimise and malign you – mock you – belittle you – ‘therap’ you – denigrate you – negate you – spiritualise you – project all sorts of crap on to you – you are so often deemed as negative by new agers and psychobabblers – why does everyone try and rid themselves of you – bury you – desensitise and medicate themselves until they can’t feel you.

You always appear with a purpose on purpose – a messenger of the soul – intimately connecting us to our vitality, libido and well being.

You are the key that often opens the dungeons where we have long abandoned our inner children, teaching us of our (ancestral) patterns of self enslavement, disempowerment, neglect, family shame and unfinished business.

So often the victim of blame, gaslighting and neglect, you have been terribly treated and misused.

You can deliver thunderbolts of truth that ‘out’ those with false and disingenuine agendas.

You are rarely welcome.

You don’t care.

You don’t give a shit about status, status quo or consensus.

You seek justice. Truth. Equality. Parity. Respect. Healthy individuation.

Aho anger. Now it is time to honour and welcome you.

David Stone 31.01.18  deep soul healing and life purpose coaching


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