~ Embodied Inner Union ~ Coming Back Home To Yourself ~ An evening workshop from 18:00-21:00 PST on Tuesday, 12 November 2019

How often have you felt you’ve encountered your soul mate only to discover those hardwired patterns from the past playing out through you, your lover and the relationship?

No matter how many courses you’ve attended, do you find those persistent dynamics end up consuming you in ‘ohhh’ so familiar ways?

Perhaps you’ve already shut down your pain because it hurts too much to hold on to your desire for ‘The One’ or you’ve found yourself settling for someone safe but deadening.

Other signs you’ve disconnected from your higher self can be settling for platonic friendships that leave you yearning, attending intimacy & neo tantra workshops for that dopamine ‘high’, getting lost in unboundaried polyamory or seeking hook ups on Tinder to satisfy your lust in the hope that it does the trick… kinda…sorta…NOT.

The thing is deep down there’s no denying how you really feel in the depths of your soul.

Not being true to yourself is a learnt pattern of survival almost universal to mankind. Sexualising your needs at the expense of your inner connection to your body, heart and soul are actually survival mechanisms that eventually distance us further from our Higher Self and the profound reverence we all secretly desire to feel when we connect with this aspect of ourselves and another in sexual union.

The simple truth is that when we overcome our wounds, patterns and ancestral imprints, we can rest in our bodies. As we learn to be in our bodies, we can embody our own inner union which acts as the catalyst to really meet another in sacred union.

First we must learn to embody our own inner union by connecting in with our felt senses, our body and our Higher Self, so that we can create a safe container in which to develop an enduring and sacred sexual intimacy with another.

When you put connecting with someone before connecting with yourself, its like trying to run a gasoline car on diesel. You will damage your engine.

In this experiential workshop you will not only learn how to connect more deeply with your body and field, but you will also learn how to connect with Source on an entirely new level so that you can tap into your innate wholeness and catalyse your potential for profoundly enriching intimacy.

Through Embodied Soul Awakening meditations, many clients not only begin to reclaim their life, their self-respect, their boundaries, their health and their mojo, but they also start to awaken a felt sense of being in union with Source as their Higher Self draws in and around them.

As you embody in this way, a relaxing into your natural masculine or feminine polarity unfolds, as your ancestral imprints and templates fade away. David will share how you too can begin to access this union through Embodied Soul Awakening meditations and exercises.

The embodiment meditation will be recorded during the evening so that you can take them away to continue to practice after the workshop.

During this workshop you are also likely to receive deep cellular healing on many levels through the activation of the group field during meditations, partner exercises and individual 1-2-1 time. Old traumas and wounds you thought you’d cleared or were not even aware of may surface for release after the workshop so please ensure you come free of drugs and alcohol and advise David beforehand if you are on any medications.

David Stone has been pioneering Embodied Soul Awakening since 2007, following an awakening experience. He noticed the vast majority of healing modalities and spiritual paths didn’t support him to anchor this sense of vast connection with Source into his body and all the ancestral distortions that it brought to the surface for resolution. He found that no one was able to guide him until he accidentally discovered how connecting with Source through the quantum field and bringing it into the body enabled him to heal his health issues, traumas and family patterns at a cellular level. He now shares this embodiment practice to empower others to heal themselves, of their issues at the roots so that they can enjoy their bodies and live healthy thriving lives.

Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019 from 18:00-21:00 PST

Venue: 251 Seeman Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024-2839, United States

Places are limited to 16.
Price: $33 in advance and $40 on the door.
Book early to avoid disappointment.
Arrival 5.45pm for a 6pm start
To reserve your place booking in advance is recommended by sending $33 to paypal using david@embodiedsoulawakening.com for payment

For more information: www.embodiedsoulawakening.com/

Client Testimonials:
“I have had two sessions so far with David and will certainly work with him again. I’ve experienced many healing modalities and therapists and he stands out as a facilitator who works more deeply and expansively than others. His intuition, grounded and compassionate space-holding, and razor-sharp insight have helped me to move through and release difficult emotions and experiences as well as to come more fully into my body with grace, self-appreciation and gratitude. His support has been invaluable.” Khalsa Morgan Nichols, Author & Menstruality Mentor

“I can not recommend David enough. His work is incredible as he teaches you to find your healing within. No spirit guides, no magic, just simply embodying your own presence” Alison Martin, Shamanic HealerSee less

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