Healthy Narcissism Vs Unhealthy Narcissism

In early childhood we all need to receive positive reflections, a sense of being seen, held, heard and loved unconditonally warts and all.

This forms part of a healthy narcissistic supply that creates a positive self image, healthy attachment and strong interpersonal boundaries.

As we engage with our natural narcissistic drives, we separate out from mother, find our sense of self and strenghten our ability to go after what we need.

We enter the world and the frustrations of not always having our needs met, leaving the bubble of being provided for, but the gift is defining ourselves and finding our own sense of self and wholeness in the process.

Learning to negotiate our needs with the world in constructive ways through engaging with ‘other’ and our environment is an essential development skill. In some people this process gets damaged and narcissistic personality traits appear either as being deficient or indeed excessive, which both form 2 sides of the same coin ironically.

In this radio series I am making with Steve Lee, we talk about this and the healthy development of narcissism and explore the warning signs when we are entering a relationship with someone who’s narcissistic drives are out of balance and exploitative.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series which resumes live on air in 2 weeks time. In part 2, I will be looking at the more serious aspects of narcissistic personality disorder and how to spot the warning signs and strengthen yourself so you can get out before it’s too late. If you do get enmeshed and burnt, I will also discuss the recovery process and how to break out of the victim patterns that can lock you in.

I hope you enjoy this foundation module.

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