Does your ‘doing’ tend to come from a busy mind, needing to occupy itself with externalised images of unattainable perfection and endless goals that fail to satisfy a relentless striving? 

I was once like this.

In spite of your spiritual practices; fitness, healthy diet or yoga routines, do you still experience life stripping your nervous system of peace and depleting your body of resources, no matter how amazing the outcomes or how much rest, treats or trappings of luxury you accrue? 

Is enough ever enough?

Have you ever noticed that in those precious and rare moments when your ‘doing’ comes from your very ‘beingness’ that you are sustained and satiated regardless of outcomes, and that the pleasure in “just being” leads to prodigious productivity and outcomes that bless you beyond your dreams? 

This is how I now choose to design my life and inspire others.

As I have gradually learnt to merge my body into my higher self since my awakening 11 years ago, I have found this way of embodying, far outweighs any outcome, striving and stress orietated approaches I have previously used to succeed or improve upon myself in the past.

I find that I am now able to relax deeper and deeper in to my body, regardless of external circumstances, sitting with the uncertainty of not knowing outcomes, whilst quietly observing the remnants of old programmes of self doubt and fear falling away one by one until they no longer pull on me and suck me into their bottomless pit of depletion and distraction. 

I can now stay with feelings of brokenness, fear, agitation and chaos, until a clarity, a sense of knowing, a purposefulness and a firm direction emerges from within. 

Out of this embodied presence, and through the simplicity of my very beingness, rises an unshakeable knowing…

This simple truth brings a far reaching joy and delight – from which moments of profound and enduring clarity guide my life – 

My well being now bubbles over from within as I tap into this infinite power source – it has led to improved health, relationships that flourish and an increasing flow of abundance because these resonances I cultivate are the right energetic match – magnetising those things I desire by the potency of the innate ‘beingness’ radiating from within me.

It is this authentic self alignment to my deepest truth that is setting me free.

As I surrender to each moment and embody deeply into it, resisting temptations to jump outside of myself, I notice doorways open…effortlessly creating divine flow. 

By simply being…by remaining present …by being the guardian of my innocence…I have built trust in my knowing.

This hasn’t always been easy as I’ve had to clear out the old programmes and cultivate the discipline and will power to stay within myself, until I have begun to become at One with this inner impulse of creation. 

This way of being leads towards an atOnement for all previous creations – it has a catalytic effect on the cellular DNA 🧬 which start to unfold and clear out past debris that no longer reflects the new frequencies I’m cultivating and inhabiting.

As the Universe responds to me, I now take clear action and deep satisfaction emerges in this way, so my ‘busyness’ now deeply nurtures and enhances me instead of depleting and destroying me.

As I move forwards, sometimes in complete faith with no understanding of why I am doing something, I have come into a congruent alignment with my sense of purpose. 

Do you have the tenacity of staying power, right application of will, patience, strength and stillness to hold firm to the truest expression of your higher self’s embodying as “you” in physical form?

For it is in connecting with your essence Self and becoming so at one with it, that sets you free from your conditioned ego reflex to relentlessly seek external things to satisfy the next emerging desire.  

It is this disciplined process of embodied becoming which enables you to emerge like the snake from your egoic prison. As you shed your old skin, you will be reborn anew, free to be, whole and complete in yourself.

Are you ready to join me and a group practice to make the leap?

I have a 7 day introductory course – DNA SHIFT 🧬 & RESET  to assist you to build this potency and momentum during these sacred times – please get in touch if you’re interested to purchase it

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