I mentioned in a previous post that I offer scans of your time lines and your physical and energetic fields that can help to pinpoint where in your body any traumas are lodged as well as the ancestral patterns that may be affecting your wellbeing.

So here’s some further information to explain what I do when I combine my ability to scan your field with emotional release, breath work, gestalt therapy techniques, spinal and skeletal embodiment entrainments in subsequent sessions : 

While I remotely scan you while I take you into an embodied meditation, I can start to pick up energetically embedded issues that have become physical and identify when these patterns came into you. 

As we draw your attention to these “blockages” in your field, it can enable you to begin seeing those things in your life which are connected to them so you can start joining the dots and witness afresh how you run any habits or interpersonal patterns that re-reinforce these frequencies in your life and their knock on effect in your relationships with money, love and health. 

The deeper sustained embodiment  journeys that I offer in sessions help lift the blinkers on these issues and show you how to connect more deeply to Source so you can then utilise this pure energy source to begin an unravelling process of clearing stuck energy, trauma and other disassociative tendencies so that you let go of the places in you where they are hooked in emotionally or through beliefs and have solidified as disease / injuries etc . 

Often this then precipitates a physical clearing because we are accessing your spiritual blueprint. Where such trauma has been compacted repeatedly over time, it can take a few sessions to release as the layers come off or ancestors that hang around with the same unresolved energies move on. 

Sometimes there are contracts, entities or implants that hold these energies in place or divert parts of your soul’s energy away and / or pull you out of your field so you are not fully sovereign inside your own body. This is something that requires a full session to address.

Many people notice that, when I name their traumas as aspects of their body or aura and where they are in pain or dysfunction, it acts as a catalyst  for this deeper self reflection, healing and clearing, and in some cases they start to clear spontaneously.

Once this process begins – unhealthy patterns, habits and ways of relating begin to show up giving you the opportunity to close the loop and let go as the trauma based attachments are released.  Sometimes they dissolve through just being seen, and other times it takes more work to go deeper through embodiment journeys.

Either way, once these blockages are cleared, it makes space for inherently healthy patterns, solutions, habits and new potentials to naturally emerge in their place.

Scans are currently free in October with limited places remaining and will cost $50 after this promotion ends. Please contact me through the website or info@embodiedsoulawakening.com to book your session.

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