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Lions Paws and Thorns THAT IS ALL!!

That moment, like the lion with the thorn in its paw, when you pull an aspect of 'Self' out, that has besieged you since time immemorial, and you finally confront the bottom line truth contained within this bleeding wound... In so doing, you experience those ancient...

The End Of Victim Consciousness

I am entirely responsible for all of my co-creations : This statement signals The End to perpetuating Victim Consciousness Notice your life patterns How do they serve you? What are the payoffs? Are they ultimately dissatisfying? Yet addictively so? Yet How do these...

The Blacksmiths Forge

As the smithy’s fire burns bright Impurities rise up in the red hewn light The fierce flames of the furnace await The inert coppery rock’s final fate Hiss, pop, sizzle, crackle There’s no element this fire can’t tackle The unforgiving hunger of the heat beckons As the...

The Addiction Merry Go Round Part 2

Event - Trigger - Pain - Adjustment - Desensitisation - Habitualisation Behind each trigger lurks an ‘old shipwrecked feeling’ that has become an island to itself, denied, buried and covered in barnacles. Chances are that you have more than likely formed habitual...

The Addiction Merry Go Round Part 1

Are you on the ADDICTION merry-go-round? Are you using general busy-ness, TV, alcohol, sex, sugar, porn, overeating, caffeine, nicotine, illegal stimulants, new age healing or even social media to desensitise yourself. I do. WE USE ADJUSTMENTS TO DESENSITISE OURSELVES...


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Narcissism series: Part 1


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